Our systems can earn you over £20,000 a year in RHI payments and save you over £10,000 on your fuel bills.

Renewable heating solutions such as the Biomass Wood Pellet boiler are not only cost-effective
but will help lessen your carbon footprint.

We combine precision engineering, innovation, performance and value for money to produce sustainable
heating solutions that are trusted by both installers and householders.


Quality Design

There is never a compromise on quality. We design all of our products so that you can be sure that the durability and efficiency are sector leading. We continually develop new technologies and use only the best materials to ensure our products meet performance and environmental standards.


Heating Responsibly

We install heating systems that respond to the challenges of rising fuel costs whilst protecting our environment. Environmental responsibility is central to all we do and we continue to develop and innovate to produce even more efficient products that make best use of our natural resources.

Windhager Biomass Wood Pellet Boiler

Our Guarantee

We put our customers first and our independence ensures that we can monitor our standards and processes to deliver the very best quality and service.

The Carbon Cycle

When trees grow they absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. During the burning of wood this carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. In essence, this results in no net increase in the level of atmospheric C02 as if the tree was to die naturally it would still break down and thus eventually release the same amount of C02 back into the atmosphere.

The burning of wood pellets just speeds up this process. It is more commonly known as the Carbon Cycle.

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Intelligent Heating Solutions Carbon Cycle