The Future for Wood Pellets

The BioWIN is the perfect wood pellet heating solution for the larger heating requirements. Windhager’s extensively proven wood pellet heating technology has been adapted especially for the requirements of heating larger properties. Development focused on maximum fuel efficiencies, safety and ease of operation.

Thanks to its compact design and unique flexible pellet storage solution, the BioWIN can be easily installed and integrated into any system.

Windhager’s innovative solutions make pellet heaters a particularly simple and economic choice for ou and have vastly shaped the rapid development of this technology over the last few years.

Windhager Biomass Wood Pellet Boiler

BioWIN – innovative technology that pays off

  • 1. Incredibly compact for its output
  • 2. Long periods between cleaning intervals thanks to the fully-automatic heating surface cleaning and ash removal functions.
  • 3. Large, integrated ash box
  • 4. Long-life double ignition element ensures high operational safety and low maintenance
  • 5. Patented sliding ash grate
  • 6. Large boiler reserve hopper of approximately 135 kg of wood pellets enables long, uninterrupted burning phases.
  • 7. Unique Pellet Feed
  • 8. Option to install with room sealed combustion air intake.

The fully automatic pellet feed

To provide a continuous supply of pellets, Windhager offers a patented, fully automatic feed system, consisting of a ‘changeover unit’ and up to eight suction probes.

Main Advantages

8 probes will replace the need for sloping sides within the bulk storage hopper and therefore prevent large amounts of storage space being lost.
Up to 8 suction probes make the system incredibly reliable.
The siting of the bulk storage hopper is independent and flexible in relation to the boiler room.
Totally maintenance-free system.
No moving parts and no electrical cables necessary in the storage room.
Function check: “Rinsing” and if necessary “Changing over”.
If necessary, the pellet store can be split into two zones.


The new BioWIN XL Cascade

Larger buildings such as multi-dwelling homes or commercial properties can now be heated particularly efficiently and reliably with pellets: the BioWIN XL can be connected to two- and three-unit cascade systems, thus providing for heating requirements ranging from 10 to 180 kW.

Thanks to its considerable modulation depth, the BioWIN XL cascade operates efficiently at a low output range, too. In comparison to a large boiler system, the cascade system is also extremely reliable: if one unit fails to heat, you can continue heating normally with the second unit. And maintenance work can be carried out without having to switch off the heating.


Technical Data

Type Size BioWIN 350 BioWIN 450 BioWIN 600
Nominal Thermal Output Range kW 10.4 – 35 13.5 – 45 18.0 – 60
Boiler Weight kg 700 700 700
Boiler Water Volume l 120 120 120
Boiler Temperature Control Range C 60 – 85 60 – 85 60 – 85
Dimensions W x D x H mm 1220 x 920 x 1.670 1220 x 920 x 1.670 1220 x 920 x 1.670
Flue Connection mm 150 150 150
Heating Connection inches 5/4 5/4 5/4
Power Consumption at Nominal Load W 103 122 156
Power Consumption at Part Load W 43 53 63

The BioWIN can be turned into a system solution at any time

If you want to use heat energy efficiently, you need more than just an effectively functioning boiler. All other system components such as the hot water cylinders, buffer solutions, other heat generators (wood, solar) and the control system play an important role here too. Windhager supplies everything you need from one source, giving you the peace of mind that everything integrates and is perfectly coordinated. As a result, the BioWIN can easily be combined with other heat generators to provide a bespoke solution to suit your needs.