Faraway – West Sussex


Faraway is a newly built 250 sqm detached four-bedroom family home located in the stunning countryside of West Sussex. This newly built flint style property that took owner Richard two years to build is now complete and being heated by a Windhager BioWIN 2 biomass boiler.

“The main motivation for using biomass was the sustainability factor. I wanted to build a home that would use a low carbon fuel but still provide me with reliability at a low cost” commented owner Richard Kidd.

Installed by MCS registered biomass installers Intelligent Heating Solutions, based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, the 15 kW wood pellet biomass boiler is housed in the properties standalone plant room and is providing all the heating and domestic hot water requirements.


With an annual heat demand of 17,500 kWh, The Kidd family are set to use approximately 4.5 tonnes of wood pellets per year with a total cost of £1,125. By using biomass to heat their property, there will be a significant saving of their heating bills of approximately £400 per year. In addition to the fuel savings, the Windhager biomass boiler will lower the properties carbon footprint by saving approximately 5,495 kg on CO2 per year.

Due to the simplicity of biomass system, the installation was completed within two days with no disruptions caused to the daily lives of the family.

“With this being a new build project, I wanted everything to be perfect, the installation completed by Chris and his team was superb and to a very high standard. I felt very well looked after at every stage and I’m very happy with the how well the boiler is working. It’s very easy to operate and knowing I’m in control of how I heat my home has given me peace of mind” said Richard.

An additional benefit is the reward of £1,250 per year the property will be generating over the next seven years on the Renewable Heat Incentive, with an expected total of £8,750.

“A secondary reason for choosing biomass was the rewards on the RHI scheme, the application was quick and easy to complete and Chris was on hand to help with submitting the form. When I saw the rewards figures on the scheme that I would get back I didn’t hesitate. I definitely feel I have made the best choice” he finished.